Vendors > Solicitations > Intent (optional)


The Intent feature (short for Intent to Bid) allows Vendors to submit a Will Bid or No Bid response as an early indication of their intent to submit a bid or proposal in response to a Solicitation.


If the Intent feature has been enabled, you will see an Intent link on the Solicitations tab.  To access the Solicitations > Intent page if this feature has been enabled:



If you are not logged in or if your account has not been approved, the Edit button allowing you to submit an Intent to Bid will be disabled.


Project Role (optional)


If the Project Role feature has been enabled by the site owner and you have not already made a selection for this Solicitation, a yellow message box will appear at the top of the page asking you to declare your intended role on the project, such as Prime Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplier, or Other.  Make a choice from the flipdown box.  You must contact the Solicitation Contact if you need to change your Project Role for this Solicitation.


Submitting an Intent to Bid response


To ask a question about the solicitation:



Editing an Intent to Bid response


After you have submitted your Intent to Bid response, you can view your previous response, comments, and the person and date/time of the response.  To Edit your Intent response:



If public posting of the bidders list has been enabled by the site owner (Bidders link is present on the Solicitations tab), your company name and contact information will be automatically added to the Bidders List (also called Plan Holders List) when you provide an Intent to Bid response.