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Register as a New Vendor



No matching Companies


If there are no matching Company records in the vendor database, you will be sent an email message:



As the first person to create an account for your Company, you will have Company Administrator permission status.Only Company Administrators can edit Company information, Categories, Service Areas, and Documents.Only Company Administrators can add or edit additional Company Contacts.


Matching Companies found


If there are similar Company records in the vendor database, you will be presented with a list of companies that potentially match the company name you entered.


If you are associated with one of the listed companies:



If you are not associated with one of the listed companies:


Click on the Continue New Company Registration button to add a new Company and follow the instructions for No matching Companies above, or


Click on the Enter Another Company Name button to return to Register as a New Vendor described above with a different company name.


What if I donít receive my initial account activation email?


All email messages that are generated from the system come from the eBid Systems mail server ( with the sending address DoNotReply@ebidsystems.These messages are generated within a few seconds to a few minutes, so if you havenít received the message with an hour from your initial registration completion, there may be a problem in receiving mail from our server.


Occasionally, your email software may quarantine or reject the system messages as suspected spam.Depending on how you receive email, spam filters may be activated:



To troubleshoot an instance where you have not received your account activation message, try the following:


Step 1 - Check to see if the message from DoNotReply@ebidsystems is in your junk mail folder.If so, add to your Safe Senders list in your email software, click on the activation link in the email message to complete your registration.


Step 2 - If the account activation message from DoNotReply@ebidsystems is not in your junk mail folder, add to your Safe Senders list in your email software.


Step 3 - Go to the website where you registered, click on the Login button in the upper right and enter your email address in the Forgot Password form.If you entered the email address correctly matching the address that you used at the time of first registration, the system will send another account activation message to your email address.


Step 4 - If you have not received an account activation message within a few minutes after following Steps 1, 2 and 3, you will need to contact your company network administrator and/or Internet Service Provider and have them add the mail server domain (I.P. Address to your safe sender list.Once this has been done, go back to Step 3 to have the system resend your account activation email.


If the above steps do not work, we recommend that you set up a free email account with Microsoft ( or Yahoo ( system has been tested with both of these email systems and our messages are not blocked by their spam filters.


I tried to re-register but the system says my email address is in use?


The system prevents duplicate email addresses from being associated with more than one account or contact.You must first ensure that you are able to receive email from using the above procedures.If necessary, you can ask the website owner to delete your existing account so that you can restart the registration process.