Vendors > Registration > Contacts


If this is your first time registering, you will see a yellow box at the top of the page indicating the steps in the registration process.  Completed steps will be indicated by a check mark.  As you complete each step, you will be directed to the next registration page.  Remember to click the Insert button on each page to save your entries.  If you log out before completing the registration process, completed step information will be saved and you can return at a later time to finish your registration.


Entering Contact information the first time


By default the first time you view the Vendor > Company screen, the Address Type will be set to Use Company Information, assuming that you share the same address as the Company.


Selecting Enter Personal Information will allow you to enter personal address, phone, and fax information that is different than the Company information.


Fill out the required fields and click the Update button to save your entries.


Editing, Adding, and Deleting Contact information


To access your Company Contact information:



To Edit Contact information:



Note:  If the contact’s e-mail address has logged a permanent failure, an image icon (mail envelope with red x) will appear next to the contact e-mail address.  To clear and reset this status, edit and re-save the contact information.  This will clear the permanent failure status and allow the system to attempt future messages to the e-mail address.  If eBid eXchange receives another “permanent failure” response from the recipient’s e-mail server, the system will re-flag this address again as a “permanent failure”.


To Add a Contact you must be a Company Administrator:



To Delete a Contact:



Permission Roles


Company Administrator


If you were the first person to create an account for your Company, you will have the Company Administrator Permission Role.  Only Company Administrators can edit Company information.  Only Company Administrators can add Company Contacts, who can view, but not edit Company information.  Company Administrators can also grant Company Administrator Permission Role to other Contacts.


Company Contacts


Any other Contacts that attempt to register under the same Company name will be shown a list of Company Administrators and directed to contact a Company Administrator to be added as an additional Company Contact.  Company Contacts can:



Opting Out of Messages & Bid Notifications


If you no longer wish to receive email or fax announcements from the system:



You will still be able to log in but will no longer receive system messages—including bid notifications and notices of new addenda or documents.


Changing Passwords


If a Contact has forgotten their password or you want to change the existing password for a Contact, click the Reset Password button at the bottom of the page.  This will send an email message to the Contact, requiring them to change their password.


SMS Messaging (client optional)


If a client has enabled SMS (text) messaging on their client account, vendors can opt to receive an SMS message when a notification is sent.