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If this is your first time registering, you will see a yellow box at the top of the page indicating the steps in the registration process.  Completed steps will be indicated by a check mark.  As you complete each step, you will be directed to the next registration page.  Remember to click the Insert button on each page to save your entries.  If you log out before completing the registration process, completed step information will be saved and you can return at a later time to finish your registration.


Entering Company information


Fill out all required fields and hit Insert to save your entries, or Cancel to clear the form.


Editing Company information



After you have completed all steps of your registration, you will see a View Company Summary link at the top of the Company page that will provide a printable summary of your complete Company profile.


If you were the first person to create an account for your Company, you will have the Company Administrator Permission Role.  Only Company Administrators can edit Company information.  Only Company Administrators can add Company Contacts, who can view, but not edit Company information.


Account Approval (optional)


If the Account Approval function has been enabled, you will see an Account Approval section and status near the top of the Company page.  Your Account will be initially given Pending status until the site owner has reviewed and approved your request to be an Active vendor in their system.


You will receive an email message when your Account has been Approved which will be reflected in the Account Approval Status on the Company page.


If you receive an email message indicating that your request for an Account has been denied, your Account will be Inactivated and you will no longer be able to log in.


If the Approval feature has been enabled and you make changes to your profile, your approval status will automatically be set to Pending and must be re-approved by the site owner.  Until your account is approved, you will be unable to download documents, ask questions, declare Intent to Bid, or submit bids.