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Following is an overview of the features of this eBid eXchange 2007 web site.


Home Page


On the Home Page, you will see text information about using the site posted by the site owner.  Optionally, you may also see links to relevant web sites and documents.  These documents are for general information and are typically not for a specific Solicitation.  If you need help in downloading documents from the Home Page, see the Help section under Solicitations > Documents.




Access to many features may require that you submit information about your company online.  See the Vendor Registration section of this Help document for more information.


Logging In


You will create an online Account to which you will have sole access that will require that you login to access many areas of the web site.  After you have registered, each time you come to the web site you should begin your session by logging in with your email and password.  The Login button is in the upper right.  Use the same button to Logout when your online session is complete.




Solicitations are requests for quote, requests for information, requests for proposals, and invitations for bid issued by the site owner.  Click on the Solicitations tab to access these opportunities.  You will be required to Login to view and respond to any Solicitations.




At the discretion of the site owner, information about the bids received and award of vendor contracts may be posted under the Bids/Awards tab.  This tab will not be visible if this feature has not been enabled.


Getting Help


Use this Help document to get more information about the specific features you are using.  If you are still having trouble using the site, use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to request assistance.


Browser Settings


This site uses Javascript and pop-ups.  Your browser must have Javascript enabled and you must disable your pop-up blocker while you are using this web site.