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3/18/2018 6:51 AM Central   

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Log-In Issues (top)
Q: "There is already an account for that email address. If you forgot your password, use the Reset Password function on the login page to reset your password. Account was not created."
A: We already have an account on file for that e-mail address. Try resetting your password by clicking the Login button at top-right and entering your e-mail address into the Reset Password box. If unable to access your account by resetting your password, fill out the Technical Support form link located at the top-right corner and we will assist in setting up a new account.
Q: How do I reset my password?
A: On the Login page, there is a Forgot Password box. Enter your e-mail address and click the "Reset Password" button to receive a new, temporary password. If you see the message "No active user with that email address found", you may be registered with a different e-mail address. Contact us by clicking on the Help in the upper, right-hand corner and then submitting a support request.
Registration (top)
Q: How can I remove/delete my profile?
A: You may request your profile be deleted by sending a request via the Technical Support form link located at the top-right corner. Please note that all stored information will be deleted and that you will no longer receive notices for future projects.
Q: How do I register? / How do I check if my company is registered?
A: Click the Register tab at top left. You will be prompted to enter your company name and e-mail address. If your company is already registered, you will see an Administrator listed to contact in requesting to be added to the company profile.

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