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3/18/2018 7:54 AM Eastern   

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Log-In Issues (top)
Q: How do I reset my password?
A: On the Login page, there is a Forgot Password box. Enter your e-mail address and click the "Reset Password" button to receive a new, temporary password. If you see the message "No active user with that email address found", you may be registered with a different e-mail address. Contact us through the Technical Support link at the top-right for assistance.
Q: What should I do if I am not receiving the Continue Registration or Password Reset e-mail?
A: These e-mails come from the e-mail address It is possible that the e-mail may be in your SPAM or Junk Mail folder, or that your company network or Internet Service Provider may have filtered the e-mail. We recommend adding to your safe-senders e-mail list and then resetting your password again. If you have tried this step without success, fill out the Technical Support form link located at the top-right corner, and we will send you a new password via a secondary method.
Project-Specific (top)
Q: How do I submit multiple bid documents?
A: When uploading documents, please combine multiple files into a single .zip or .pdf file for upload. Once a file has been uploaded, uploading a new file will overwrite the first file. Here are the steps on how to "zip" multiple files together in Windows into a single .zip file: 1. Put all documents that you would like to combine into a single folder on your computer 2. Right-click on the folder and select: Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder 3. This will combine all of the files within the folder into a single .zip file for upload.
Q: How/where do I submit a bid?
A: Different solicitations may have different bidding requirements. The bidding instructions should be indicated within the documents posted on the Documents tab. If unable to find the bidding instructions within the documentation, please contact the listed Solicitation Contact for your project, located on the Description tab for the solicitation.
Q: I am not seeing a project posted that I am expecting to see.
A: Solicitations are posted on the Solicitations tab. They are typically displayed here the same day that they are advertised/posted. It may be possible that you received the notice just prior to it being posted here. Private Solicitations: Some solicitations may be by private invitation. In this case you will need to be logged in for these to appear on the Solicitations tab for you. If you received an invitation, are logged in, and still unable to see the solicitation--please contact the person who sent you the invitation for further assistance.
Q: I see an error when opening the .zip file...
A: We have heard there is an issue for some users of the WinZip software program when opening certain .zip files. In the cases where we have heard of this come up, the following steps have helped people to open up the .zip file: In Windows 7 or 8: i. After downloading the .zip file to your PC, ii. Right-click on the .zip file, iii. Select "Extract All", iv. Then click the "Extract" button. This should unzip all of the files into a new folder on your computer using Microsoft Windows (instead of WinZip). If the above steps do not work, we recommend trying one of these other 2 options: i. Downloading the documents individually from the site (by left-clicking on each document name), which will avoid the .zip compression step, or ii. Use a different .zip opening software such as 7-zip (free download).
Q: Where do I find documents for a solicitation?
A: Solicitation documents can be viewed by taking the following steps: Locate the solicitation on the Solicitations tab, and click the 'View' link to the left of it. You should see a Description tab for the solicitation as well as a Documents tab. Click the Documents tab. You will need to be logged in to access the documents. Once logged in, you may download the documents individually or all as a .zip file by clicking the "Download All Files" button.
Q: Who do I contact for solicitation-specific questions?
A: For project-specific questions, please contact the listed Solicitation Contact for your project, located on the Description tab for the solicitation.
Registration (top)
Q: How can I be added as an Administrator for our vendor profile?
A: There are 2 ways to be added to an existing vendor profile: 1) Contact the listed Administrator displayed, or 2) Fill out the Technical Support form link, located at the top-right corner of the website and request to be added.
Q: How can I remove/delete my profile?
A: You may request your profile be deleted by sending a request via the Technical Support form link located at the top-right corner. Please note that all stored information will be deleted and that you will no longer receive notices for future projects.
Q: How do I register? / How do I check if my company is registered?
A: Click the Register tab at top left. You will be prompted to enter your company name and e-mail address. If your company is already registered, you will see an Administrator listed to contact in requesting to be added to the company profile.
Q: How long before I am approved? (I need my account approved to access bid documents.)
A: As soon as your registration is complete, an e-mail is sent to our approval team for review. Approval typically takes 24-48 hours. If you need urgent access to documents regarding a time-sensitive bid, please send an e-mail to and we will expedite your request.

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