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Background (top)
Q: Are the solicitation documents only available from the web site or can I purchase copies elsewhere?
A: IID policy is to make all solicitations available from the web site. However, some of the attachments to the solicitation may not exist in electronic form. For such attachments, read the instructions in the solicitation to determine how to receive them. e.g. drawings which exist in paper form only.
CD-ROM (top)
Q: I don't have a CAD program how can I use the CD-ROM?
A: You do not need a CAD program, there is a reader utility on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is a self loading system. It contains the solicitation package, project manual, drawing set, and supporting software. The supporting software includes Acrobat reader and On-center (TIF) viewer. You can view drawings and print them within the capacity of your system. The drawings are in a group 4 (TIF) files.
Contacts (top)
Q: Who is the Project Manager? And may I call him?
A: The Project Manager (PM) is listed on the Invitation For Bid, Project Page if applicable. An email link is provided, and is the preferred method of contact. The individual PM can provide you with his/her telephone number.
Documents (top)
Q: Can you send the plans to me?
A: We can send the Drawings and Solicitation Package to you once we receive your payment. If you have a Federal Express account you can indicate that on the order page for shipping costs.
Q: Do you foresee any Addenda?
A: Generally, addenda is issued when the information provided will either impact the bidders bid price or work schedule. Also, if it is issued with less than 7 calendar days from bid opening, it could change the bid date.
Environmental (top)
Q: Is there any Asbestos involved in the project?
A: Projects that are known to involve Asbestos will be identified in the solicitation package. All required certification will be listed within the solicitation.
Formal Bid Invitations (top)
Q: What is the Bid Date?
A: The bid date is the date the sealed bids will be opened at the specified time and location; and publicly read aloud. It is called out in the solicitation package, and can be modified by addendum.
Help - with the system (top)
Q: How do I remove blocking of a website? I was trying to register as a new vendor on your website, and I completed all of the information. When I clicked on the "Next" box, I was informed that some type of content filtering blocks the web site.
A: You should check with the System Administrator for your Network to pursue why the security system chosen by your firm is performing the blocking - ask them to remove the blocking to give you the access!
Q: Who do I contact for help using this web site or about problems with the system?
A: Use the Contact Us or Webmaster link on the left side of each page to contact us for help or about system problems.
On-line Solic. System (OSS) (top)
Q: How do I use the On-line Solicitation System (OSS)?
A: The OSS is to provide a 24/7 availability for bidders, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties to find out what major construction projects are coming, what is out for bid, quote or proposal and the status of opened solicitations. It also provides a central point for outside activities to obtain IID Specifications. You may log in, download drawings, addenda, and bid clarifications; order the same documents in CD-ROM or paper versions, as indicated. If you are having problems with the OSS please contact the webmaster.
Procedural (top)
Q: Can I submit my response online?
A: See the instructions within each solicitation.
Q: How do I download the solicitation?
A: Once you select the solicitation and click the link that adds you to the bidders list for the selected solicitation, you can download the solicitation. The preferred method is to place the cursor over the hyperlink for the desired document, right click and select "Save Target As", select your local PC drive:file/folder as you want and download the document to your PC. Then you can open the document with the appropriate software. (A link is provided for downloading Acrobat Reader.)
Q: How do I submit my response?
A: Instructions for submittal are specified within each solicitation. Instructions vary from solicitation to solicitation.
Q: How do I use this web site?
A: After registering as a vendor (including selecting product and service classes), you can select a solicitation and then click the link to be added to the bidders list for the selected solicitation. You can then download and view the solicitation documents for the selected contracting opportunity. Note that registering for product and service classifications adds you to a list for potential email notification when new opportunities arise.
Q: How will addenda be issued under the web site process?
A: Addenda will be posted to the web site for downloading in a manner similar to the original solicitation. Vendors that downloaded solicitations will be notified of addenda posting by e-mail.
Q: What is the last date to submit questions about a Solicitation?
A: Time-limit for question submission will be included in the instructions within the solicitation. If no questions submission date is included in the solicitation, District staff will endeavor to provide answers to questions when the timing allows a fair and reasonable response.

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