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Advertisement (top)
Q: When will projects listed on the IFB page as FUTURE be officially advertised and downloadable or ready for ordering?
A: Normally projects will advertise for 21 to 30 days prior to the bid opening date. As soon as the project is advertised officially (i.e. in the Corpus Christi Caller Times) project bid packages may be downloaded/ordered through this site or via phone or walk up. Paper media must be paid for prior to shipping or at pickup. CDROM and downloading are free. Projects with any Federal funding must be advertised a minimum of 30 days. Projects without any Federal funding (State funded) cannot be opened any sooner than the 14th day after advertisement.
Bidding Process (top)
Q: Can I fax my Request for Quote?
A: No, all Request for Quotations will be submitted through the E-Bid system.
Q: Do I need to have a Contractors License to bid on a project?
A: No.
Q: How do I submit my bid documents? (Bid Package)
A: Ensure you have followed the instructions in the Bid documents. Enclose the required bid submittals in a 9-1/2inch by 12-1/2inch envelope and seal it. On the outside in the center of the envelope place the NAME of the PROJECT, DATE and TIME of the BID (Bid Opening). In the upper left hand corner (were you would normally see a return address) place the words: - Bid By: - and then below on the next line the Contractors (Bidders) name and address. Then enclose the sealed bid envelope in another properly addressed envelope for mailing or transport to the PCCA.
Q: What is the Bid Date?
A: The bid date is the date the sealed bids will be opened and the specified time and location; and publicly read aloud. It is called out in the advertisement and the Bid documents, and can be modified by addendum.
Contacts (top)
Q: Who is the Project Manager? And may I call him?
A: Please ask all questions through the solicitation site as this is the preferred method of contact. The individual Project Manager will respond to any questions you may have via addendum.
Documents (top)
Q: Can you send the plans to me?
A: We can send the Bid Package to you once we receive your check or money order, We do not send sets out if you are located within Nueces County. We will send them via UPS commercial to those contractors outside the Nueces County area. If you have a Federal Express account you can indicate that on the order page.
Q: Do you foresee any Addenda?
A: Generally, addenda is issued when the information provided will either impact the bidders bid price or WORK schedule. Also, if it is issued with less than 7 calendar days from bid opening, it would change the bid date.
Q: Since some of the documents are large, what is the best method to download and print/view them?
A: The preferred method is to place the curser over the hyperlink for the desired document, right click and select SAVE TARGET AS, select your local PCs drive:file/folder as you want and download the .PDF document to your PC. Then you can open Acrobat Reader and view/print the file.
Electronic Bid System (EBS) (top)
Q: How do I use the Electronic Bid System (EBS)?
A: The EBS is to provide a 24/7 availability for bidders, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties to find our what major construction projects are coming, what is out for bid, and the status of opened bids. It also provides a central point for outside activities to obtain the Port of Corpus Christi Master Specifications. You may log in, download drawings, project bid documents, addenda, and bid clarifications; order the same documents in CDROM or paper versions, as indicated. If you are having problems with the EBS please contact the webmaster.
TWIC Card (top)
Q: Does every job quote or bid require a TWIC Card?
A: No, the requirement of a TWIC card is set by the location of the property. See Access to Port Auhority Property information located on Welcome Page under Documents.
Q: How do I get a TWIC Card?
A: Visit the Transportation Security Administration website: www.tsa.dhs.gov
Vendor Roster (top)
Q: Can you upload the Vendor Roster Application (VRA)to my profile?
A: No, we cannot, because we do not know your password. It is the individual account Master holder that has the responsibility to keep the VRA current and up to date. Keep in mind that whenever you do update your vendor profile, the approval cycle must be completed again with our staff.
Q: How do I get on the Vendor Roster?
A: You will need to upload a completed Vendor Roster Application form to your Vendor account under the 'Documents' tab. A blank form to use is located in the document list on the 'Home' page (you may need to scroll down the page to see it).
Q: How do I know I am registered on the Port's Vendors Roster?
A: You can check your vendor record and see if it says "Approved" next to "Vendors Roster" on your main page.
Q: What happened to the SF-330?
A: The SF-330 was replaced by the Vendors Roster Application form. You need do nothing, except when it is time to update your old SF-330, then use the Vendors Roster Application form instead.
Q: Why is my company no longer on the Vendor Roster?
A: The SF-330 or Vendor Roster Application form expires every two years. Your contact person will receive an e-mail that it has expired and that it needs to be updated.

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