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5/19/2019 4:34 AM Eastern   

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Log-In Issues (top)
Q: How do I reset my password?
A: On the Login page, there is a Forgot Password box. Enter your e-mail address and click the "Reset Password" button to receive a new, temporary password. If you see the message "No active user with that email address found", you may be registered with a different e-mail address. Contact us through the Technical Support link at the top-right for assistance.
Q: I am not receiving the Continue Registration or Password Reset e-mail...
A: These e-mails come from the e-mail address It is possible that the e-mail may be in your SPAM or Junk Mail folder, or that your company network or Internet Service Provider may have filtered the e-mail. We recommend adding to your safe-senders e-mail list and then resetting your password again. If this also does not help, fill out the Technical Support form link located at the top-right corner, and we will send you a new password via a secondary method.
Registration (top)
Q: How can I be added as an Administrator for our vendor profile?
A: There are 2 ways to be added to an existing vendor profile: 1) Contact the listed Administrator displayed, or 2) Fill out the Technical Support form link, located at the top-right corner of the website and request to be added.
Q: How can I remove/delete my profile?
A: You may request your profile be deleted by sending a request via the Technical Support form link located at the top-right corner. Please note that all stored information will be deleted and that you will no longer receive notices for future projects.
Q: How do I change/update my e-mail address?
A: When logged in, you may update your e-mail address and other contact details on the 'My Account' > Contacts tab. Click the 'View' link next to your contact information, and then click the 'Edit Contact' button. *Note that you can only make updates to your profile if you are a Company Administrator--so do not change your own profile to Company Contact. If you are unable to log-in, contact us via the Technical Support link at the top-right and we will assist in the updating of your e-mail address.
Q: How do I register? / How do I check if my company is registered?
A: Click the Register tab at top left. You will be prompted to enter your company name and e-mail address. If your company is already registered, you will see an Administrator listed to contact in requesting to be added to the company profile.

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