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7/20/2018 3:07 PM Central   

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Q: How do I find out about bidding opportunities?
A: The E-Bids system is our electronic bid information distribution system. As a registered bidder, you will receive electronic notifications of opportunities.
Q: How will our company be notified of a bid award?
A: Bid award notifications are emailed to your company on the afternoon, that the City of Dothan Commission approves the bid award. The email address on the formal bid sheet will be used to advise your company of the bid award. A notice to proceed will be provided by the department that requested the bid.
Q: Is there a charge to use E-bids?
A: There is no charge to use the E-bids system; however, there may be charges to obtain certain documents related to construction to cover printing and distribution costs, in which case the Invitation for Bid (IFB) will specify the details.
Q: May I fax or email my bid to the City of Dothan?
A: The State of Alabama bid law requires formal invitation to bid responses to be made by sealed envelope. Emailed or faxed bids cannot be accepted.
Q: What are formal bids?
A: When requests are received from the various City departments and the estimated cost of like product(s) or service(s) requested is $15,000 or more, the City is required by Alabama Bid Law to seek a formal bid and issues an Invitation for Bid. The formal bid process is much more detailed than quotations (informal bids), requiring a number of forms, which need to be completed and submitted with your bid. State Bid Law also allows the City of Dothan to use State of Alabama bid contracts or purchasing co-operative contracts in some cases.

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