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8/28/2015 3:13 PM Pacific   

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Gender & Race of a Company (top)
Q: My company is a corporation and thereby does not have just 1 race or gender. I cannot move forward until I answer this question. Why is this here and how should I respond to this question regarding gender & race of my company.
A: This question is directly related to majority-owned companies. If your company has a majority owner & you know the race & gender of the owner, put that information here, if not, please answer Male & White for the gender & race.
How to Print EEO/EBO (top)
Q: How do I print my EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) or my EB (Equal Benefits)forms?
A: Print your EEO form by clicking on the EEO registration tab. Here you may copy & paste your form into a printable format, e.g., a word doc, etc. The EB form is not a printable or viewable document once you have submitted it to the City of Portland.
Initial Log In (top)
Q: How do I access the new system?
A: To log into our eBid system, you will first need to have a PortlandOnline.com account. If you already have one, the E-mail address associated with that account needs to match what we show in our eBid system. To check the E-mail associated with your existing PortlandOnline.com account, log in there and click My Account in the upper right-hand corner and the E-mail that shows in the Pop-up window will need to match our eBid system.
Registration not Complete Message (top)
Q: I see a message once I log in. "Your registration is not complete..." What do I need to do?
A: There are likely three items not checked on the list, Categories, EEO & EB. Most will only need to complete the Categories, by clickingon the small plus sign [+] next to the category header NIGP. Once you select the categories that are right for your business, it should state that your registration is now complete. If you have not filled in EEO or EB information for the City of Portland yet, you will be required to complete these sections.

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