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Bid Results and Contract Awards (top)
Q: How can I obtain bid tabulations and contract awards?
A: Bid tabulations and contract award information can be found by clicking the fourth tab labeled Bids/Awards located at the top of the Purchasing and Contracting Opportunities page.
Contracting Opportunities (top)
Q: Are all Port of Vancouver contracting opportunities posted on this web site?
A: No. The Port of Vancouver intends to post all contracting opportunities where the estimated contract value is greater than $35,000 for public works and $50,000 for service contracts. From time to time, staff may post opportunities less than those amounts.
Q: Should I register if contracts in my line of business typically are for amounts less than $35,000?
A: Yes. Port of Vancouver staff utilizes registered vendor lists from this system to solicit quotes less than $35,000, as well as for formal procurements.
Document Holders (Bidders) Lists (top)
Q: How can I obtain a list of all parties interested in proposing/bidding on a solicitation?
A: A list of those who have indicated they are interested in a solicitation can be found by going to the "Solicitation" tab. Click on the appropriate solicitation number and click on the link titled "Bidders".
Downloading Documents (top)
Q: What if I have problems downloading documents?
A: If you have problems downloading documents, please contact the contract manager listed on the solicitation or administrative staff at (360) 693-3611.
Pre-Proposal/Pre-Bid Meetings (top)
Q: Are Pre-Proposal / Pre-Bid Meetings mandatory?
A: Most Pre-Proposal and Pre-Bid meetings are not mandatory. However, it is beneficial for a bidder to visit the project site and ask questions about a solicitation. Answers to questions that are not identified in the solicitation documents will be addressed through the addendum process.
Project Managers (top)
Q: How can I find out who the Project Manager is? And may I contact him/her?
A: The Project Manager's name and contact information is provided at the time of contract award. Until that time, submit all questions through eBid under the solicitation of interest.
Registration/Password (top)
Q: I don't see an appropriate vendor classification for my company. What should I do?
A: If you can not find an exact match to your business, you can either register in a category that is similar to your business's area of expertise or you can select 'Other' and indicate your specialty. Contact administrative staff at 360-693-3611 if you need futher clarification.
Q: I forgot my password. How can I retrieve my account information?
A: Click on the 'Forgot Password?' link located in the left margin. When prompted, enter the email address that you registered and your account information will be emailed immediately.
Q: I just registered/I would like to register. How long does it take for account activation?
A: Accounts are approved on a regular basis. Depending on the roster selected, certain documents are required: In order to be approved on our Small Works Roster, please provide: 1) A signed Small Works Contract 2) An Insurance Certificate with applicable Endorsements that meets our minimum requirements In order to be approved on our Professional Services and A&E roster: 1) A current Professional A&E/PE License number is required. The firm’s license number or an individual at the firm will be acceptable. Additional information regarding rosters and registration can be found on the Port of Vancouver's eBid home page.
Solicitation Documents (top)
Q: How can I get solicitation documents?
A: To receive solicitation documents, you must first register as a vendor. To do so, click on the "New Vendor Registration". Once you have signed in as a registered vendor and have been approved, you can download solicitation documents. 1) Documents for each solicitation can be found by going to the "Solicitation" tab. Click on the appropriate solicitation number and click on the link listed under "Documents". If you have problems obtaining documents, you may contact the contract manager assigned to the solicitation or call 360-693-3611.
Q: What is a solicitation document?
A: A solicitation document, usually in the form of an Invitation for Bids (IFB), a Request for Proposals (RFP), or a Request for Quotes (RFQ), refers to the document inviting firms to submit a bid, proposal or quote for specific goods or services that Port of Vancouver is requesting. A solicitation document describes the requested goods or services, the items required to be submitted, and the selection process.
Submitting Bids / Proposals (top)
Q: How do I submit a bid and/or proposal?
A: Bids and Proposals should be submitted in accordance with the instructions outlined in the solicitation document. Each solicitation document may have different submittal requirements. Therefore, it is important that you read and follow the requirements described in the solicitation document when submitting Bids/Proposals, otherwise your Bid/Proposal may be found non-responsive.
Submitting Questions (top)
Q: How do I submit a question?
A: For questions related to a specific solicitation, click on the solicitation "view" link. Click on the "Questions" tab and the "Ask Questions" button to type your question(s) and save. For general questions, Port of Vancouver administrative staff can be reached at (360) 693-3611.

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