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The City of Seattle intends to publish the 2020 Construction Standards Edition (Plans & Specifications) on February 28, 2020. These apply whenever any construction is performed in the City of Seattle Right of Way. Hard copies of the 2020 Construction Standards will be available for purchase in March. Starting February 28th it will be available for download in PDF format at: 

NEW L&I CERTIFIED PAYROLL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: In 2019, the Washington State Legislature approved changes to the Prevailing Wage law (RCW 39.12). One of these changes is a requirement for all contractors to submit certified payrolls at least once a month directly to L&I's portal. The effective date for these changes is January 1, 2020 and applies to ongoing and future contracts.

* The City will continue requiring certified payroll submittal via LCPtracker.

* LCPtracker will provide a solution for contractors to download certified payroll information in a format accepted by L&I which then can be uploaded directly to L&I's portal. Alternatively, contractors will be able to enter certified payroll information directly to L&I’s webpage:

* A link to instructions for this new process will be on this page as soon as it becomes available.

COMMUNITY WORKFORCE AGREEMENT (CWA) AND PRIORITY HIRE: The City passed the Priority Hire Ordinance in April 2015 and negotiated a CWA to cover most of our construction contracts estimated to be $5M or more. Please see our Priority Hire page at for more information.

INCLUSION PLAN: The current version of the Inclusion Plan can be found at: For questions, please contact (City Contract Compliance Manager) or (Director).

WMBE SUBCONTRACTORS: Be sure to look at the bid documents once they are posted to determine if you are on the "WMBE Guarantees" with a guaranteed commitment of use should your Prime be awarded the contract.

2/22/2020 6:11 PM Pacific   

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