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(NEW) PAID SICK AND SAFE TIME: The City of Seattle requires employers to provide paid sick and safe time to their employees.  It applies to those with four "full time equivalent employees (FTEs)."  Construction contractors bidding with the City must be compliant.  We are encouraging all businesses bidding on contracts with the City to understand the requirements.  Please visit the Office of Labor Standards website for additional information.

The City passed the Priority Hire Ordinance in April 2015 and
negotiated a CWA to cover most of our construction contracts estimated
to be $5M or more.  Please see our Labor Equity page at for more information.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Lily Keeffe with the USDOT will be providing technical assistance and
support to interested Contractors and Subcontractors.  City of Seattle
will host two days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays at the Seattle Municipal
Tower.  If you are interested please contact Lily at 206-718-7250 or by
email at

The City of Seattle current version of our Construction Standards
(Plans and Specifications) is dated March of 2014.  The City's
Construction Standards apply whenever any public or private construction
is performed in the City's Right of Way.  The Construction Standards
are the primary contract documents for public works construction
contracts.  An electronic version can be found at

INCLUSION PLAN: The current version of the Inclusion Plan can be found at  Please feel free to direct any questions to (City Contract Compliance Manager) or (Director).

Subcontractors:  Be sure to look at the bid documents once they are
posted, to determine if you are on the "WMBE Guarantees" with a
guaranteed commitment of use should your Prime win the

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