Invenergy Procurement

Thank you for your interest in Invenergy LLC

In order to develop a more complete knowledge of your Company and better match future  opportunities to your Company's capabilities please register in our Vendor/Supplier/Contractor Database.  By registering, we will begin the prequalification process for your company.

Our prequalification process for a Contractor/Supplier/Vendor  is as follows :

Contractor/Supplier/Vendor Prequalification
Contractor/Supplier/Vendor submits Qualification Form

Qualification Form reviewed for completeness by Procurement Dept

Qualification Form cataloged in Invenergy Database

Internal RFP Request

Contractor/Supplier/Vendor formal lookup for scopes matching internal request

Approval/Denial Evaluation

 Contractor/Supplier/Vendor notified of approval via RFP or denial via email.

Our prequalification is a procedure to qualify products or suppliers and limit consideration of bids or proposals to only those products or suppliers which have been prequalified. Prequalification does not guarantee that a particular supplier will receive a contract or award, but rather qualifies a supplier to submit a bid or propose a solution for a specific solicitation under agreed-upon terms and conditions.

In the documents section below, you will find three forms required to be submitted for the prequalification process.  Please input the required fields and save the forms to be uploaded into your Company Profile.

NOTE:  You will receive a NDA after you have registered.  This will be sent to you via correspondance from our Procurement System.

7/05/2020 7:33 AM Central   

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